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Absinthe spoonsWelcome to Absinthe Honey, the leading direct supplier of unique absinthe spoons.

We serve thousands of absinthe enthusiasts and collectors—as well as popular bars and stores—all across America and beyond. How can we help you?

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Today, our customers are not only collectors or people looking for an unsual gift for someone.

With absinthe's popularity on the rise again, many of you buy our spoons for the practical purpose they serve: to properly prepare a glass of the green drink.

To add that extra touch of magic to your absinthe ritual, we now include shaped absinthe sugar cubes with every order – absolutely free!

This is on top of our lowest price guarantee and generous discounts for orders of four or more:

Premium quality only

All Absinthe Honey's spoons are made with both aesthetics and quality in mind. They are guaranteed to last for generations.

Our spoons are not poorly made replicas of Chinese origin that are mass-produced for cents, then sold at hugely inflated prices through a chain of resellers.

Our spoons are made exclusively in Europe, the birthplace of absinthe, from durable stainless steel or brass (brass spoons are chrome-plated subsequently). We consider our absinthe spoons little works of art, so every attention is paid to detail and every spoon is hand-inspected before dispatch to a customer.

Collection of absinthe spoons:
A proven gift idea

Looking for an unusual gift for someone? You've found it right here – just like countless others before you.

Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day or just a treat, a collection of these beautiful items never fails to intrigue the recipient. And, of course, it's a gift that lasts a lot longer than a box of chocolates.

On request, we gift-wrap any order of four or more spoons — at no extra charge. Just drop us a line!

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